'the better label, for sustainable business'

At Organic Trader™ Canada,

we could never imagine

cutting down trees (to make labels) in order to sell our green, organic products.

SO, we had to create the most ecological
and sustainable eco label printing &
ink process available in the world today...


√ Eco-labels made from CRUSHED ROCK

We call 'em: "Earth, Rock, Paper" (no scissors)

Yes, these eco-labels are made from crushed rock

with NO: water, trees, bleach nor vinyl

... no kiddin' !!

We started out using:
√ FSC certified (tree-free) eco paper
√ made 100% with wind power
√ 100% biodegradable

and yes, this process is pretty good, but crush rock eco-labels ???


The newest innovation in label packaging since 1935!

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Have you ever thought about the label on any of the products that you buy??
... or the toxic environmental impact that such labels
have on our own families or community ?
especially when the go to the landfill ?

Yes, the sad 'little known truth" is that labels off-gas toxins
(just as toxic skin care & cleaning products do in your home )
and leach harmful synthetics and petro-chemicals
into the air and water supply ??
with over 400 billion labels per year in the US alone

packaging contributes to the problem of;
nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper,
representing about 35% of all harvested trees.

ecoEarth label™
The newest innovation in label packaging since 1935
√ 100% ancient forest-friendly, tree-free eco paper labels!

REAL eco labeling technology,
√ FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified
√ ancient forest-friendly (tree-free)
√ biodegradable eco paper labels
√ ecologically sensitive, non-toxic glue adhesive

tree free paper green labels
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download the informative 3 page pdf
in respect to environmental concerns & label facts

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"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world."

- Albert Einstein


ecoEarth label™
developed by the Organic Trader™ team & Earth Spirit Publishing™ to help
small business compete better and stronger
in the growing natural & organic markets.

Developed by a concerned and 'purpose-driven' father and son
(Joseph & Zach) for their own family eco-business - Organic Trader™

"It took four determined years of ecological research & development,
along with numerous, early prototype 'disasters'."

Joseph (Zach's dad)

Why, did it take 4 years to develop ?
because we could not find one single printer supplier
in Canada or USA who was willing to take on the time and cost
to develop a better sustainable label option
... now they're calling us, pretty funny...

ecoEarth label™ now offered
in our internationally known Organic Trader™ brands:

√  Professional Organics™ salon & spa
√  Organic Pet Spa™
√  Earth Spirit Organics™
√ Earth Spirit Ecologic cleaners™
√  Earth Spirit™ baby & mum brands
√  selected private label services for our customers.

ecoEarth labels™ are now available
for private label and custom orders
FOR YOUR PRODUCTS - go eco today

"When caring counts, action happens!"
Anon Y. Mouse


"Quality is in style more than ever.
True quality must include Organics & genuine Sustainability
to deliver the highest quality for the customer
while working with stewardship to protect our Earth home!"

"ecoEarth Label™ is new styling with smarts."
~founder Joseph Borkovic


ecoEarth label™ is available
for custom micro-Private Label™ orders
from Organic Trader™

Yes, your name, logo and contact on the bottle !
For organic personal care orders:
for pet stores,
pet groomers and vets,
professional salons & spas,
health stores & practicioners,
baby & mum shops,
home parties,
mobile services,
house cleaners,
store chains,
speciality shops and more

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ah heck and by doodle
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go on
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We are pleased to get your call,
let's talk straight about organics,
green & sustainable business options
and your private label possibilities
- it's easier than you might imagine!


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*Did you know ? FACTS:

One and one-half acres of rainforest are lost every second with tragic consequences for both developing and industrial countries.
[ Yes, trees are also cut down to make the plastic for label laminates. ]

√ -TM solves the problem of environmentally damaging labels on organic products!!... yes, we would love to see organic labels on more organic products! -TM is 100% sustainable and useful for small print runs, enabling micro-private label of small orders - never possible - before now! -TM is revolutionary because it allows any small company to compete to sell cutting edge organic products with their very own name on their own custom label. [ where only large companies could do afford to print off (non-ecological) labels en mass before ] -TM technology allows for no set up fees to the customer. -TM uses graphic designer (attractive/eye-catching) label templates... so all the work has already been done for the small business owner. -TM allows the business owner to supply their own name, logo and contact information to be included on every single organic product label for each custom private label order. -TM minimum order is just 4 cases. -TM even allows the customer to supply their own surplus or personal labels to put on the bottles of their custom organic shampoos... plus... -TM contains no plastic laminate coating.
[ reducing world wide use of synthetic/petro-chemicals and wood pulp ]

download the informative 3 page pdf - click here

*Did you know that:

Plastics are made with chemicals combined with raw wood pulp/fiber? Plastic laminate labels sitting on the shelf off-gas dangerous chemicals like dioxins and formaldehyde right into your home, into air that you breathe every day?? -TM saves 100s of trees, or more every year - and that's Good! -TM saves 1000s of gallons of precious water resources and ground water contamination. We pledge to make this even more each year!

√ -TM saves air pollution and raw materials resources with it's specific selectivity process - printing only what is actually required per customer.

*Did you know that:

Unbelievably, more than 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day.
That is more than 150 acres lost every minute of every day, and 78 million acres lost every year! That is an area 1.3x the size of Oregon or 19x the size of Hawaii.
With alternatives available this is just plain outright outrageously wrong. -TM allows the process to print only exactly the labels required per job per week - saving waste of raw materials or surplus labels sitting in inventory unused for months or years. -TM label corners will not peel in your bathroom like inferior quality suppliers. -TM sports an ink process that is stable, environmental and darn good quality! There is no wastage of ink, or landfill contamination from discarded surplus labels (there are none!)... an all-too-common occurrence by typical and mass market printers - any waste is NOT good! -TM labels are not super shiny, reducing the need to wear sunglasses in the personal care aisle. -TM is working towards an even better future for use of hemp fiber in labels [ instead of pseudo-alternatives that support GMO crops, such as soy and corn - sure some of the current (food) packaging is biodegradable, but it is a GMO product to start with - not a full eco-cycle! ] -TM labels are fully recyclable 100%.

The wonder of Nature always amazes me,
how can we knowingly do anything to harm our Earth,
for is this no different than harming ourselved
~ joseph borkovic

*Did you know that:

We are losing Earth's greatest biological treasures just as we are beginning to appreciate their true value. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface; now they cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years.* * -TM
is 100% fair trade. -TM is 100% vegan friendly (no testing, at any point, on animals)

[ did you know that it is law in the US to have to test synthetic/petro-chemicals including inks on animals? ISN'T THIS WRONG? -TM is 100% in support of organic farms, markets, communities and eco-villages. -TM are found on products that are 100% certified organic. -TM family and crew loves that you are thinking about us today! Bless you! Eco-blessings to one and all.

" Every dollar that we spend is a vote for, or against, the Earth.™ "
~ joseph borkovic - salon, spa & private label - for wholesale, research, articles & more - retail sales

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The newest innovation in label packaging since 1935!


"The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics
whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities.
We need men who can dream of things that never were."

- John F. Kennedy -TM

'the better label, for sustainable business'

TM, Copyright ©1999-current - Organic Trader Canada-USA, Joseph Borkovic